Jan 13

3 Ways To Stay Ahead of Brisbane Storms

brisbane-stormsWith the NSW East Coast under a deluge of torrential rain and flash flooding last week, it all too quickly reminded us that the season for Brisbane storms is also here – bringing torrential rain and possible flooding to our beautiful city.

Brisbane storms are intense things. Titanic, unpredictable, and often devastating, a serious weather system can rip off roofs, wash away cars and quickly flood your home. Despite the global warming skeptics, the weather seems to be getting more extreme over recent years. But is there a way to stay ahead of the Brisbane storms?

Stay in touch

Staying connected with the latest information is essential and there are several, very simple ways to know what is happening. The BOM (Bureau of Meterology) always has the latest storm warnings and there is also the Early Warning Network or the Queensland Government alerts page.  Brisbane City Council also offers a fabulous early warning service.

For those on Facebook, Higgins Storm Chasing is another great source of information for the whole East Coast.

Be insured

If the storm is coming your way, unfortunately there is nothing you can do to stop it. But you can protect your home by having adequate storm insurance. Be prepared to grab those valuables that are irreplaceable – photographs, jewellery, that treasured basketball trophy – and get to safety, knowing that your insurance will ensure your home is repaired after the storm has passed.

Be prepared

Have an emergency plan in place in the event that the storm heads your way.  If you know you have asbestos in your property, keep the number of a licensed asbestos removalist who specialises in make-safes in your phone (ours is 1300 470 470 and we are experts at both!). If your property is damaged and the asbestos is disturbed, your property will be contaminated and must be made safe before any rebuilding can take place.


Picture credit: Rae Allen 

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