Dec 12

Find a Reliable Brisbane Builder in 5 Simple Steps

builder-in-brisbaneFinding a good tradesman can be a minefield. Everyone has a story of a dodgy plumber or unfinished tiling, so getting the right contractor is a job in itself. To make things easy, here are our 5 simple steps to finding a good Brisbane builder and getting the job done right.


1. Word of mouth

A referral from someone you trust is worth its weight in gold. Ask family members and friends who have recently had work done locally. Even if a friend has referred the builder you choose, always ask for additional references and always check them.


2. Check they are licensed

Just as other states, a Brisbane builder is subject to licensing so check they are fully licensed and insured. Ask the builder for their license number and you can always check the license number online.


3. Shop around

Whether you are fixing a leaky tap or adding a major extension, always get 3 quotes for any work. It doesn’t mean you always go for the cheapest quote, but it gives you a good overview of what the job is worth.


4. Get a proper quote in writing

Having a solid quote is the best way to ensure the work is done on time and to budget. Check the quote includes everything you need and always read the smallprint. A good builder will take the time to explain the quote to you and ensure you are happy… the builder wants everything to go smoothly too!


5. Know your project

Know what you want, and try not to change your mind part way through! This will only slow down the process and add to the cost. If you do find a good Brisbane builder that you trust, build a relationship and they’ll work for you again. It’s like finding a good dentist – you always stick with the same one!


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