Oct 21

5 Tips for Renovation Success

renovation-success-tips-brisbaneThe home renovation industry is booming at the moment: rather than the inconvenience of relocating, many families are choosing to extend, develop, or update their existing homes to suit their ever-changing lives.

But before you reach for the sledgehammer and start tearing out that 1980s kitchen, here are our 5 tips for renovation success:


1. Budget budget budget

Before doing anything else, you need to have a budget in place. Do your window shopping and properly cost the job to ensure you have enough money to cover the work. If you need to borrow money for the renovation, secure finances early and always allow an extra 20% for those little things that always blow out.


2. Assess your current home

Write down the good points and bad points of your home, in its current state. Look for any structural concerns – cracking, rotting, damage – and enlist an engineer if it is of concern. Also look for signs of asbestos if the property is built before 1989 and call a professional asbestos removalist for assessment if there is any possibility that asbestos is present.


3. Be realistic

You might have spent years dreaming about that moulded Corian benchtop, or the gorgeous saltwater pool, but if the numbers don’t stack up then you need to be realistic in what is possible. List everything you must have, and then everything that would be nice to have – in function, style, and structure – and prioritise accordingly. Compromises need to happen in almost every renovation, but this way your compromises are established up front, rather than being forced at the end on things that are important.


4. Plan every detail

Though it’s great to think ‘big picture’, it’s the little things that can often break a renovation, by adding unnecessary time or cost. To avoid delays, check with your local council early if you need permits for any of the work you are planning.
Have lists for each room, and always confirm that everything has been ordered and delivered. Don’t forget the external work too, such as landscaping, repaving or purchasing plants.


5. Find a good builder

Finding a builder you trust is integral to a successful renovation. Talk to friends for recommendations, and always get three quotes. Collect magazine clippings and colour swatches, and always show these to your builder and tradespeople so they understand your vision. Unless you are really capable of project managing the renovation yourself, find a builder who can book and manage all other trades such as electricians and plumbers. A good builder will be able to work with you through the entire process, and you should always feel confident in their work. If you are worried that things aren’t going right, always speak up straight away.

As a licensed builder, 470 Asbestos has helped many Queensland families create their dream home, through small and large-scale renovations.
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